Assessing Platform Readiness

I’ve just finished off a new report for GigaOm. It’s one of the most exciting pieces of work I have done. David Card and I wanted to shape up some tools for assessing disruptive capability. We have called the overall toolset a “decision model canvas” for disruption. As part of the toolset we included my platform assessment readiness scorecard.

I’ve used the platform readiness tool a couple of times with clients – I urge you to use it. The more the merrier.

Business platforms are becoming an increasingly mainstream way of taking control in changing markets.  Nick Vitalari and I introduced the main themes of business platforms in The Elastic Enterprise, and I developed some important new themes in Shift: A User’s Guide to the New Economy. If you want to know more about business platforms and their evolution, Shift is a good place to start.

The first table in the attached document lists out the major competencies needed to develop business platforms.  You can check if you have those capabilities or need to invest in developing them.

The Platform Readiness Assessment Scorecard

These competencies are re-listed in Table 2, so that you can score your competencies against competitors.  In table 2, the task is to imagine what is fully possible, i.e. not just whether you have these competencies but the full possibility that you could develop them in a competitive timeframe. Score in a % range, so 20 – 50% fully possible, 70 – 80% fully possible, etc.

Table 3 introduces ways of using your uncertainty intervals to determine where to place your investments. Hope you enjoy playing around with the scorecard.